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Proactive Partners is a 501C3, non-profit organization established in August 2020 to provide a means for individuals and entities to receive specialized training in providing custodial care for those individuals with dementia and other inherent cognitive deficits.


Through generous donations and applicable grants, it is our goal to provide first responder training as the prevalence of a dementia diagnosis multiplies exponentially. Addressing the needs of an individual with dementia can be difficult and situations may escalate quickly. Training to identify those with dementia and addressing their unique needs is key to de-escalating an event or taking measures to prevent escalation.  

Caregivers who face these challenging situations daily rarely receive any education or training prior to providing care for someone. The unique needs and demands that are placed on them lead to a high incidence of burnout, abuse, neglect, domestic violence, and a lack of self-care. We seek out opportunities to raise the quality of life for both the caregiver and those receiving care by providing key care concepts. 

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